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Summer School on Digitalisation in Transport

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July 11 - 15, 2018 | Trieste, Italy

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07/11/2018 09:00 AM 07/15/2018 05:00 PM Europe/Rome Summer School on Digitalisation in Transport Cybersecurity Conference taking place in Trieste, Italy. To learn more visit: Trieste, Italy InfoSec Conferences Trieste, Italy MM/DD/YYYY

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Digitalisation is rapidly transforming all aspects of our society and daily life, including mobility of people and goods. Digitalisation in transport and logistics is an increasingly important driver for safety, efficiency, reliability, simplification and cost-effectiveness. It can help transport actors to anticipate events, potential disruptions and match capacity and demand in real time, reduce administrative burden, lead to a better use of assets and infrastructure, optimise supply chain visibility, resilience and agility, improve safety and security, and enhance environmental performance.

Data are (and will be more and more) available at an unprecedented scale. The challenge is to combine and re-use them across various sectors and modes in order to generate added value services. There are however important questions still to be addressed, including data availability, protection, accessibility and sharing. The transport sector therefore demands and requires new types of expertise such as data analysis and data management, in particular of big datasets, and computational modelling.
The goal of the summer school is to introduce PhD and last-year master students to some of the key challenges of the on-going technological (r)evolution in transport digitalisation. Participation of researchers from private or public research centers and scientists from the industry is also welcomed.

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