The 1st Radical and Experiential Security Workshop (RESEC)

June 4th, 2018

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The 1st Radical and Experiential Security Workshop (RESEC)

South Korea » 
June 4th, 2018

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The RESEC workshop focuses on practical security solutions and innovative work based on experiential studies, real datasets and deployed systems. In other words, the workshop will solicit papers that would typically fall through the cracks as too practice-focused for scientific conferences, and too theoretical for system administration forums.

RESEC invites the following types of studies from researchers, academics and practitioners:

Experiential: studies that share insightful or puzzling observations, lessons learned, challenges, deployment considerations, observed trends and phenomena, and even data collection studies that can facilitate research in cybersecurity.

Radical ideas: transformational, counter-intuitive and disruptive ideas that can re-shape the foundation of enterprise security, or provide a long-term vision and historical insights.

Commercially-attractive: studies and ideas that can provide or have already provided the seed for commercial, open-source products and services.

Negative results: studies that demonstrate and investigate the failure of methods and approaches, especially when seen through a practical lense, and the lessons learned from these failures.

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