US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference – October

October 30th, 2018
Cyber Security Summit Virtual Charlotte

 October 30th, 2018  

US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference – October

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October 30th, 2018

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The one day event is hosted by Blockchain China Connect and Artisan Business Group, Inc. It is the only Sino-US investment and funding focused business event for blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry.

Great speakers and content are important to the success of Blockchain China Connect. All of our speakers are executive level and senior industry leaders that are shaping the future of blockchain technology. Demand for speaking roles is very high, as we receive significant volume of inbound requests In addition to our outbound recruiting efforts. To maximize your chances of being selected: submit early, be interesting and be relevant. Please send us an email, detailing your preferred speaking roles, proposed topics, format, including some information about yourself. Please send To

The US Blockchain China Connect (Blockchain China Union) and Accor Consulting Group will jointly hold the 2018 US-China Blockchain and e-Currency Application Exchange Conference on August 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. This will be the largest in the United States. To discuss the China market blockchain research and application and investment capital docking conference. The conference particularly welcomes the participation of capital venture capital companies and technology innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the blockchain field in China to participate in the exhibition. They are in close contact with the United States and China’s peers and experts and have a rare opportunity!

As the application of blockchain technology in the continuous development and maturation of the United States and China, its practical application will bring about a wide range of positive impact on human society. This forum will showcase the latest blockchain industry in the United States and China. Development will further promote the combination of blockchain and business, and build a solid bridge for cooperation between the two countries in the field of scientific research and application. We sincerely welcome you to attend this event to learn more about first-hand information and practical knowledge about blockchains, and to seize the best moments at the moment to create excellent business cooperation opportunities through exchanges and connections with investment channels.

The recent development of the blockchain industry is extremely hot in the United States. The organizers of our conference will keep track of the industry’s latest trends. The first e-currency issuance dynamics and the latest regulatory laws of the US regulatory agencies will promptly arrange and adjust the contents of the conference. The 2018 US-China Blockchain and e-Currency Application Forum will invite front-line practitioners and well-known legal experts from the United States and China to discuss and share experiences with everyone. We will discuss two topics:

1) The application of blockchain technology in different fields: finance and securities, e-commerce, real estate, medical and health, artificial intelligence, internet of things and travel services, etc.

2) The future trend of electronic money, the docking of investment capital, the issuance of the first e-currency, excellent innovation and entrepreneurship projects, government supervision and relevant laws and regulations.

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