CISO Africa Cape Town

August 6th, 2019

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CISO Africa Cape Town

South Africa » 
August 6th, 2019 - August 8th, 2019

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InfoSec Conference Summary

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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it. – Stéphane Nappo, Global CISO, Société Générale

CISO Africa Cape Town 2019 is a peer-led conference for IT security, fraud, and risk experts. This event will showcase pragmatic IT leaders’ strategies to mitigate threats and will deliver high-level interactive discussions on the most recent approaches and tactics to allay the bombardment of cyber-attacks and employ effective IT security management.

From industry-diverse panels, international keynote presentations, private lunches, and closed discussion groups, delegates will be given the chance to explore common cybersecurity concerns, learn about new innovative technologies, and gain a more holistic view of the leadership role of the modern Chief Information Security Officer.

Key topics to be discussed at CISO Africa Cape Town 2019:

  • The Role of the CISO: What does the modern CISO look like and what attributes do they possess? How should the role of the CISO relate to the CIO and the rest of the board? What will the role of the CISO look like in five or ten years’ time?
  • AI & Automated Security: In the age of automation, can AI not only identify threats but also remediate and pre-empt them? Can we build self-learning systems that can ward off all threats? Can AI be used for authentication and access control?
  • Cloud Security: What are the risks and benefits to migrating to the cloud? Can the cloud improve IT security management? Are you open to using third parties, and do you have a risk management strategy in place?
  • Blockchain: Can the use of distributed ledgers mitigate threats? Are there limitations of blockchain, and what would be the reality if it were to be adopted globally?
  • Digital Transformation Security: Are we opening ourselves up to increased threats? How are we protecting ourselves against cyber-savvy criminals? If we all work online, store all our data in the cloud and use multiple devices on multiple networks, what new threats are we attracting?
  • Balancing Risk with Investment: How much of your IT budget should go towards security? If it’s not your physical assets at risk, what about your brand? Is there a ceiling to how much investment should be made?
  • Regulations & Compliance: In light of GDPR, POPIA and myriad compliance issues, are we keeping our cybersecurity features in check? What are the customer/business challenges for ensuring data security (the integrity of data) and data privacy (control of data)?

Additional discussions will be had around upskilling teams, security by design, relationships with data analytics teams, IoT security, DevSecOps, access control, remote working, and many more probing topics.

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