Digital Advocacy 101: They See You

July 2nd, 2019

 July 2nd, 2019   Free Event

Digital Advocacy 101: They See You

Hong Kong » 
July 2nd, 2019

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What is surveillance and repression technology? How much do corporations know about you?
About the event

Half the world is now online, and data is king. Across governments, businesses, and civil society, online players seek to monitor online user activity and access personal data to personalise user experiences, adapt services, offer targeted marketing, and improve public policy.

Governments spy on their citizens to catch criminals and prevent crime in the interest of ‘national security’. But this can have lethal consequences in countries run by authoritarian regimes.

And as China trials its all-reaching, all- encompassing digital police state and “Social Credit” system, other authoritarian regimes have begun to follow suit.

The globalised nature of the Internet means that everyone, everywhere is at risk of these practices. What are governments, corporations, and the media up to and how much do they really know?

This hacker-led event will explore the broader themes of intrusive digital surveillance and individual privacy with a focus on closed societies.

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