June 21st, 2019

 June 21st, 2019 - June 22nd, 2019 


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June 21st, 2019 - June 22nd, 2019

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The EuskalHack Computer Security Association is a non-profit organization established in Donostia and made up of various professionals linked to computer security and forensic computer science research.

Our goal is to promote the community and culture in digital security matters to any kind of interested public, whether they are of a public or private, through the promotion and dissemination of mainly technical knowledge.

We work to promote activities such as the organization of seminars and conferences, where to disseminate and share progress and research achieved in the national and international sector. Likewise, we promote collaboration among the attending public, approaching companies and individuals in Networking relationships.

The value of our associates is essential, being the fundamental pillar of this association, because their commitment and enthusiasm empower the adequate development for the fulfillment of this challenge. We work for an open and dynamic organization, being our Governing Bodies the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

Ten principles that mark our philosophy:

  1. Prima above all its aims and objectives, always observe and throughout its entire trajectory, a behavior that catalogs it as a democratic, clean and translucent Association.
  2. Promote and disseminate the culture of computer security and computer forensics.
  3. Defend the interests of the security researcher and computer forensics, defining, developing and maintaining their professional identity.
  4. Maintain and promote the social, economic and professional interests of the associates.
  5. Encourage activities of legal and technical advice to entities and professionals of computer security and computer forensics.
  6. Encourage social action through professional, technical and cultural training.
  7. Encourage the preparation, edition, publication and distribution of all types of written or audiovisual transmission publications.
  8. Strengthen dependent institutions and functional bodies through technical advisory services to public administrations.
  9. Establish contractual relationships, agreements or agreements with entities and organizations of a semi-public or private nature (Consumers and Users Association, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Official Colleges, Notaries and other entities).
  10. Achieve other purposes and objectives of general interest or public utility.

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