Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit

May 20th, 2019

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Managing Workflow Conference

Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit

Germany » 
May 20th, 2019 - May 21st, 2019

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Two-thirds of CFOs and CEOs expect business models to change frequently due to digital transformation. How can these leaders guarantee success in times of constant change?

At the Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit 2019, the event will look in detail at Continuous NEXT, an approach to developing strategies and behaviors that will make your organization more dynamic. So leaders can better respond to ongoing innovation, integration, and ever-changing deployment cycles.

This event will provide IT leaders with practical guides, best practices, ideas and insights, regardless of their current state of implementation. By evaluating the experience of other executives with the digital transformation, the conference will give you insights into how to capitalize on opportunities while minimizing risk.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include Digital Leadership, Business Strategy, Technology & information, Cost Optimization, Digital Ethics, Disruption, Industry 4.0, and Change Management.

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