Jordan Cybersecurity & Forensics Forum

September 22nd, 2019

 September 22nd, 2019  

Jordan Cybersecurity & Forensics Forum

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September 22nd, 2019

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What is JCSF?
JCSF is an occasion and platform for information Security knowledge sharing between participants, speakers, sponsors, and experts from academia and the public-private sector from Jordan and the Middle East. It is also an opportunity to identify emerging technologies; engage in lively debate on current cybersecurity issue such as the recent Shamoon and Ransomware attacks as well as to network with peers from different institutions across the Middle East countries. The latest up-to-date offerings from the industry’s top training & solution providers will be discussed and demonstrated. The JCSF-2019 presents several high level local, regional and international key note speakers. The forum will have speeches running in two main domains. The first domain addresses Cybersecurity. Topics range from cybersecurity readiness, Cybersecurity risk management, Data Center Security, Telecommunication fraud and reverse engineering and malware analysis specially the recent Wanna Cry malware, dark web threats and social engineering. The goal is to discuss and inform on practical organizational methods to secure an organization and deal efficiently with cybercrime.

The 3rd Jordan Cybersecurity Forum is organized for the objectives of fighting cyber-crimes hence securing the organizational cyber space.

In this year; the focus is on securing the Human (the weakest link in the security chain) by conducting awareness and training sessions. Our slogan is: “Security by Education” for Protecting Jordan Cyber-space. The objective of the conference is to present the challenges and state-of-the art protection measures & technologies in the domain of information and network security, cyber risk management, threat intelligence as well as cyber forensics to a wider audience from public (governmental) and private (Banking and ISP’s) sector as well as academia. Invitees are high ranking government officials, military professionals, GM’s, CISO’s, CEO’s, experts from the police departments, risk managers, Cybercrime Centers and magistrates from Jordan and every Middle East countries as well as many professionals who are interested in the areas of cybersecurity & digital forensics are expected to show up in Amman, which will account for a fruitful exchange of knowledge and expertise.

There’s a rapid increas in the dependency on digital information and the Internet; we cannot do business without information. Hence, its value is increasing and becoming the target for competitors and malicious individuals. Only when lost or stolen, the value of this processed data is fully understood. Companies are losing millions of dollars due to the theft of its intellectual property, an individual seeing his or her Personally Identifiable Information PII illegally scattered across the Web, as well as the critical infrastructure having the provision of its services interrupted.

The Internet or the cloud services are growing ever faster with sensitive data and highly skilled criminals show increasing proficiency in getting around the virtual fences and around the safeguards that keep these clouds protected. Our digital assets are continuously under potential danger and multi-level defenses can provide the needed protection.

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