August 30th, 2019

 August 30th, 2019  


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August 30th, 2019

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The main objective of NotPinkCon is to encourage more women to participate as speakers in computer security events. We believe that they all have interesting research to tell and we want to break the barriers that prevent them from doing so.

For this we propose a more comforting scenario, that works as an intermediate step before making the leap of presenting itself in a mixed scenario, which – due to the unfortunate gender inequality – could be somewhat intimidating to begin with.

We also want to have experienced orators in our scenario. Without a doubt, his experience on stage will not only be of help for the new speakers but also of great inspiration for the audience.

Our second objective is to encourage women to join the fascinating world of computer security. We have noticed that the fact that the speakers are women increases the interest of the gender, which is reflected positively in a hearing of great parity between men and women.

In summary, NotPinkCon has the following objectives:

-Encourage the participation of women as speakers in the events.
-Increase women’s interest in Computer Security.

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