International Workshop on Security and High Performance Computing Systems (SHPCS)

July 15th, 2019

International Workshop on Security and High Performance Computing Systems (SHPCS)

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July 15th, 2019 - July 19th, 2019

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High performance computing systems intersect with the computer security world in primarily two ways. The first one is as multi-user systems where guarantees beyond availability of the service must be provided to their users (e.g., confidentiality of the data being processed by different actors, integrity of the results and the computation itself). The second one is as potential tools to assess the cost effectiveness of extensively equipped attackers. SHPCS welcomes contributions on both these research directions.

Concerning the first point, SHPCS addresses security aspects related to targeting HPC, grid, and cloud environments, such as security threat awareness, proactive network traffic analysis, network and host intrusion prevention systems, incident response, forensic analysis, and resolution of security incidents. Furthermore, SHPCS considers how to add security properties to high performance computing systems and how they can be formally verified both at design-time (formal verification) and at run-time (run-time verification). In this case, safety properties can also be jointly addressed, e.g., considering availability and fault tolerance for high performance computing systems.

Concerning the second security-HPC interaction, SHPCS covers how to use HPC systems to solve security problems. For instance, an HPC system can be employed to assess the concrete resistance of a given cryptosystem against known cryptanalytic attacks, whenever performing a significant precomputation may increase the feasibility of known attacks. Moreover, SHPCS investigates the tradeoffs between maintaining high performance and achieving security in computing systems and solutions to balance the two objectives. In particular, challenging scenarios arise due to the nature of academic and industrial research HPC centers, where actors with different access rights share the same resources. Indeed, different levels of disclosure of the results, ranging from open science to industrial intellectual property may be needed for the outcomes of computations conducted on the same cluster.

The workshop seeks submissions from academia and industry presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of security related to HPC environments, as well as case studies and implementation experiences. Papers should have practical relevance to the construction, evaluation, application, or operation of secure systems.

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