Supply Chain Cybersecurity Summit

August 12, 2019 - August 19, 2019

Arlington, Virginia, United States

08/12/2019 09:00 08/19/2019 17:00 America/Chicago Cybersecurity Conference: Supply Chain Cybersecurity Summit For more info, please visit: Arlington, United States

Conference Description (submitted by organizer)

Your supply chain is an overlooked threat vector.

Recent high-profile security breaches starkly illustrate the growing concern around supply chain cyber security. Adversaries are exploiting suppliers and vendors to gain access and damage their intended target. It’s a viable threat vector because most organizations are not able to monitor and assess every third party in their supply chain. To effectively safeguard against this growing risk, security teams have adopted an integrated approach that leverages controls and processes to ensure third-party organizations are meeting established security requirements.

Hear from the experts—learn how to better defend your supply chain.

The Supply Chain Cybersecurity Summit will bring together leading security practitioners to explore practical methods to protect their products, networks, and data from supply chain attacks. Experts will draw upon their own experiences and recent notable breaches as they provide concrete strategies and tools that can be used to assess, detect, and resolve third-party vulnerabilities.

Explore a wide range of topics:

  • Supply chain attacks: Hardware and software
  • Subversion at points of design, manufacture, service, distribution, and disposal
  • Lessons learned from recent supply chain attacks, such as NotPetya
  • Third-party risk assessment and vulnerability management
  • Software updates
  • Threat hunting in the supply chain
  • Concerns with 5G implementation
  • Backdoors and bug doors
  • Remote support to products and devices
  • Out-of-date and abandoned software