Zero Day Con

March 7, 2019 - March 7, 2019

Dublin, Ireland

03/07/2019 09:00 03/07/2019 17:00 Europe/Dublin Cybersecurity Conference: Zero Day Con For more info, please visit: Dublin, Ireland

Conference Description (submitted by organizer)

Rapidly emerging technologies are redefining cyberspace. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, behaviour analytics, hardware authentication, and virtualised security systems give experts new tools to protect critical data, systems, and infrastructure. Yet the proliferation of smart grids, connected devices, and cloud solutions expose organisations to new vulnerabilities. These innovations are also redefining attack vectors and techniques, creating fresh challenges for those on the frontlines of cybercrime.

This is the Age of Disruption

On March 7 2019, Zero Day Con will bring together leading technology firms, industry experts and government officials that will share insights for cybersecurity professionals grappling with the rise of disruptive innovations. Join experts from across the world in an exploration of the emerging technologies redrawing the security landscape.