Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems (ECPS)

December 14th, 2020

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 December 14th, 2020 - December 16th, 2020 

Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems (ECPS)

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December 14th, 2020 - December 16th, 2020
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 Our Review

This forms part of the 27th International Conference on Systems Engineering, and I’ve only highlighted one of the sessions. There is a ton of incredibly pioneering research and content at this conference that I believe will be an “in-person” event in the beautiful city of Las Vegas at the end of the year. Clearly, of course, if Cyber-Physical Systems are of interest to you then you ought to consider this as a “must-attend”. I would imagine that those working with SCADA or ICS would find this of particular interest.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Saturday, August 8th 2020.
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The new paradigms and tremendous advances in computing, communications, and control have provided and supported a wide range of applications in all domains of life, in particular, bridging the physical components and cyberspace leading to the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

The notion of CPS is to use recent computing, communication, and control methods to design and operate intelligent and autonomous systems using cutting edge technologies.

This requires the use of several engineering resources for sensing, processing, analysis, predicting, understanding of data, and then communication resources for interaction, intervention, and interface management, and finally provide control for systems so that they can inter-operate, evolve, and run in a stable evidence-based environment.

This session solicits unpublished research work related to the latest challenges, technologies, solutions, techniques, and fundamentals pertaining to communication, computing, networking, control in CPS.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Real-time Sensing, Reasoning, and Adaptation for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Evolutionary computing for CPS
  • Design Theory for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Privacy
  • Computation Models for Cyber-Physical Systems and Formal Methods for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Mobile Sensors in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Design and Performance Optimization in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Adaptive Control in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Applications of CPS on e-Health, life sciences, energy
  • Smart cities, smart homes, and smart infrastructures
  • Safety-critical, dependable, fault-tolerant cyber-physical systems
  • Distributed, highly networked architectures for interconnected cyber-physical systems
  • Communication and Infotainment Systems in CPS such as vehicles
  • Networking for intelligent mobility and transport infrastructures
  • Sensor networks for cyber-physical systems
  • Intelligent and collaborative methods for CPS
  • Testing, validation, verification, simulation, and visualization of CPS

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