Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy (HASP)

October 17th, 2020
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 October 17th, 2020  

Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy (HASP)

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October 17th, 2020
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 Our Review

This virtual event (workshop) looks like an interesting event to attend if you’re interested in privacy and security. We also have a resource that lists events that we consider as being some of the best privacy conferences you can attend. The first HASP Workshop took place back in 2012 so clearly there is a lot of consistency with this event and ought to be considered as being a recommended event for that reason alone.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Tuesday, August 11th 2020.
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Event Summary

The following description was either submitted by the Conference Organizer on Tuesday, August 11th 2020, or created by us.

Although much attention has been directed to the study of security at the system and application levels, security, and privacy research focusing on hardware and architecture aspects is still a new frontier. In the era of cloud computing, smart devices, and novel nano-scale devices, practitioners and researchers have to address new challenges and requirements in order to meet the ever-changing landscape of security research and new demands from consumers, enterprises, governments, defense, and other industries.

The Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy (HASP) conference are intended to bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry, to share practical implementations and experiences related to all aspects of hardware and architectural support for security and privacy, and to discuss future trends in research and applications.

To that end, papers are solicited from the areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Secure hardware processor architectures and implementations
  • Side-channel attacks, evaluations, and defenses
  • Secure cache designs and evaluation, focusing on side-channels
  • SGX, SEV, and Trust zone-based systems and security solutions
  • Hardware-enhanced cloud security
  • Hardware support for secure Internet-of-Things
  • Smartphone hardware security
  • Hardware fingerprinting and PUFs
  • Hardware and architectural support for trust management
  • Hardware trojan threat evaluation, detection, and prevention
  • Attack resilient hardware and architectural design
  • Cryptographic hardware design, implementation, and evaluation
  • Security simulation, testing, validation and verification
  • Analysis of real attacks and threat evaluation

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