Identity and Access Management (IDM) Frankfurt

March 12th, 2020

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 March 12th, 2020  

Identity and Access Management (IDM) Frankfurt

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March 12th, 2020
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Identity has evolved into a highly complex internal challenge for today’s organizations due to the availability of a number of solutions, each tasked with addressing their own specified area of concern rather than being able to adopt a panoptic view of an organizations’ IT systems.

Identity is at the center of everything people do, whether it be a business relationship, business transaction, or the building of trust between consumers and businesses. Despite this centrality of importance and influence, the IAM space continues to experience fragmentation. Such a development has created significant issues for both business and end-users as layers of complexity lead to reduced visibility.

Attend Whitehall Media’s prestigious 8th Identity and Access Management Europe conference as the event address the value in centralization of authentication methods, the increasing complexity of IAM, the role of disruptive technologies in supporting IAM processes, the rise in identity ownership initiatives, and the most recent techniques and trends being deployed to protect the enterprise eco-system from attack.

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