IDS Implementation

June 18th, 2020

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Cybersecurity Leaders Summit

 June 18th, 2020  
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IDS Implementation

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June 18th, 2020
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Smart Grid put on industry-leading SCADA/ICS events. In summary – they are excellent. This event, being beamed from London, is online and very much following the trend this year for InfoSec Conferences owing to COVID-19. The fascinating thing about SCADA – and what this event addresses, is Cyberwarfare. It pains me to say but there does seem to be a shift towards a more hosting China and the US (as well as dozens of other intermediaries) so yes, this event is very topical. We wish the organizers the best of luck and thank you for submitting your event.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Wednesday, May 20th 2020.
- If you would like to edit or ammend facts in my review please either send us a message or connect with me via LinkedIn.

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Smart grid utilities have never been under more intense pressure to guard their infrastructure against cyberattacks. A smart grid cybersecurity strategy that falls short on intrusion detection, will fall foul of regulation, putting its nation at risk of black-out and its economy on the road to melt-down. But to effectively plug the intrusion detection gap, smart grid cybersecurity leaders must get to grips with IDS core principles so that they can convey their benefits upwards and secure ongoing investment. They must design, test, and implement systems with ease and confidence. And they must manage the stresses and strains of running advanced AI & ML driven IDS systems on their existing cybersecurity people, processes, and policies.

During this WebConference, three leading European utilities will share the results of their IDS system assessment and discuss their next steps in implementing IDS into their broader cybersecurity infrastructure. Insights will be gained into:

  • IDS Core Concepts – turning black box thinking into detailed insights into the core concept and principles driving the effectiveness of IDS systems
  • System Design & Implementation – laying the technical groundwork to ensure the effective design and implementation of IDS systems into a broader smart grid cybersecurity strategy
  • Testing & Verification – evaluating a range of testing tools and methodologies to effectively benchmark different suppliers’ systems, accurately predict performance levels and gain assurance of effectiveness

Following on from these utility case-studies, technical representatives of leading IDS suppliers will share their vision and plans for developing AI & ML enhanced functionalities to better support the cybersecurity needs of a more complex and dynamic smart grid.

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