IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IEEE GCAIoT)

December 12th, 2020

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 December 12th, 2020 - December 15th, 2020 

IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IEEE GCAIoT)

Event submitted on Friday, May 29th 2020, approved by Charles Villanueva

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December 12th, 2020 - December 15th, 2020
United Arab Emirates » 
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 Our Review

IEEE always host excellent events and for obvious reasons – they set standards! Highly recommended.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Friday, May 29th 2020.
- If you would like to edit or ammend facts in my review please either send us a message or connect with me via LinkedIn.

Conference Event Summary

The following description was either submitted by the Conference Organizer on Friday, May 29th 2020, or created by us.

The theme for this year’s IEEE GCAIoT 2020 conference is “Digital Transformation and Beyond”; it was chosen in recognition of the ongoing developments in the MENA region regarding the focus on the deployment of “Digitalization” to facilitate and operate the principles and policies remotely. This enables us to sustain the improvement in drastic situations such as the current pandemic. So whenever and wherever you are, AI will keep you connected with the rest of your community, and spreads ideas even when you are apart!

Why you should attend

The role of technology within business is changing. CIOs, technical managers, and engineers are expected to develop and deploy strategies that harness the power of new suites of technologies, especially in the area of IoT, to optimize business operations. By joining this summit, you’ll explore how to:

  • Leverage, design, deploy, operate, and scale IoT technologies within your organization.
  • Drive cost, process, people, and system optimization.
  • Secure your IoT systems from external and internal threats.
  • Incorporate agile ways of working to complement the experimentation and deployment of emerging technologies.
  • Utilize data to take effective governance decisions.
  • Quantify the value of technology incorporation for executives.

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