IOT and Intelligent App

December 4th, 2020

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 December 4th, 2020  

IOT and Intelligent App

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December 4th, 2020
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 Our Review

This is a fascinating conference organized by IFERP that weaves IoT into a variety of industries. If you work in the IoT industry in India then this conference would be of significant interest.

यह IFERP द्वारा आयोजित एक आकर्षक सम्मेलन है जो विभिन्न उद्योगों में IoT की बुनाई करता है।

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Thursday, September 3rd 2020.
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Conference Event Summary

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The implications of the steady integration of IoT technology across diverse areas of our day-to-day lives is evident from the fact that investment in IoT infrastructure building around the world is expected to cross 1 trillion dollars by 2022.

Advancements in wireless sensor technology, data handling, and management capabilities, big data, data analytics, and most importantly communication tech such as 5G are heralding the age of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is penetrating every major industry that we know of, including

  • the Agriculture industry (to monitor, test and evaluate soil quality and fertility, pest control, crop growth cycles, etc);
  • the e-Commerce industry (through smartphones, tablets and desktop devices to collect data on consumer behavior, buying habits, and purchasing sentiments);
  • the Healthcare industry (to monitor patients with grave illnesses, and constantly keep track of their progress);
  • the Transport industry (to refine routing, fuel consumption, and other miscellaneous expenditures);
  • the Manufacturing industry (IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things is perhaps the biggest sub-branch of the IoT field, and entails developing different types of sensitive wireless sensors that are capable of monitoring and keeping track of different parameters including temperature, humidity, speed, quality, etc), and more!

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