January 20th, 2020

 January 20th, 2020 - January 23rd, 2020 


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January 20th, 2020 - January 23rd, 2020

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Set free a conservative, change-resistant, and slow-moving community to discover new ideas and come up with innovative ways to use these new ideas to deploy resilient, secure, and better ICS.

What Is S4x20?

  • A 3-days on 3-stages (64 sessions) of fresh, high-quality ICS security content with the best speakers
  • One of the largest gathering of ICS security talent in the world
  • Designed in every aspect to lead to conversations and creativity
  • Has the world’s most competitive and advanced ICS Capture The Flag competition
  • Has a unique and numerous social events so you have time to establish and renew connections
  • It’s Miami South Beach in January

S4x20 is for you if:

  • you believe the significant improvement in the security, robustness, and value of ICS and IoT can happen in years, not decades … and you want to drive that change.
  • If you are looking for cutting-edge information and new ideas in ICS security and related fields.
  • If you want to be with the best, the top talent in the world.
  • If you are tired of being viewed as overly optimistic or crazy. Or tired of being told things will never change… Or tired of the conservative, stuck in the mud thinking that can permeate the ICS world.
  • If you want to hear things 1 to 3 years before they are heard in other events, webinars, articles.
  • If you are looking to get motivated and leave an event full of new concepts to try out.

We're proudly sponsored by Kuppering Cole. They've geneoursouly given our community a 15% discount on all ticket sales. Use code "infosecspecial15" to apply the promo. Their next event will be "Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019"

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019

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