International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (SENSORCOMM)

November 15th, 2020

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 November 15th, 2020 - November 19th, 2020 

International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (SENSORCOMM)

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November 15th, 2020 - November 19th, 2020
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Very niche and specific event taking place in Span towards the end of the year – focusing on Sensor Technologies and Applications, so – if that’s your thing make sure you attend!

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Tuesday, May 5th 2020.
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Conference Event Summary

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SENSORCOMM 2020 (The Fourteenth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications) is a multi-track event covering related topics on theory and practice on wired and wireless sensors and sensor networks.

Sensors and sensor networks have become a highly active research area because of their potential of providing diverse services to a broad range of applications, not only on science and engineering, but equally importantly on issues related to critical infrastructure protection and security, health care, the environment, energy, food safety, and the potential impact on the quality of all areas of life.

Sensor networks and sensor-based systems support many applications today on the ground. Underwater operations and applications are quite limited by comparison. Most applications refer to remotely controlled submersibles and wide-area data collection systems at a coarse granularity.

Underwater sensor networks have many potential applications such as seismic imaging of undersea oilfields as a representative application. Oceanographic research is also based on advances in underwater data collection systems.

There are specific technical aspects to realize underwater applications which can not be borrowed from the ground-based sensors net research. Radio is not suitable for underwater systems because of extremely limited propagation. Acoustic telemetry could be used in underwater communication; however off-the-shelf acoustic modems are not recommended for underwater sensor networks with hundreds of nodes because they were designed for long-range and expensive. As the speed of light (radio) is five orders of magnitude higher than the speed of sound, there are fundamental implications of time synchronization and propagation delays for localization. Additionally, existing communication protocols are not designed to deal with long sleep times and they can’t shut down and quickly restart.

In wireless sensor and micro-sensor networks, energy consumption is a key factor for the sensor lifetime and accuracy of information. Protocols and mechanisms have been proposed for energy optimization considering various communication factors and types of applications. Conserving energy and optimizing energy consumption are challenges in wireless sensor networks, requiring energy-adaptive protocols, self-organization, and balanced forwarding mechanisms.

As a multi-track event, SENSORCOMM 2020 will serve as a forum for researchers from academia and the industry, professionals, standard developers, policymakers, and practitioners to exchange ideas. The topics could be on techniques and applications, best practices, awareness, and experiences as well as future trends and needs (both in research and practices) related to all aspects of information security, security systems, and technologies.

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