9th International Symposium on Security & Privacy on Internet of Things (SPIoT)

December 18th, 2020

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 December 18th, 2020 - December 20th, 2020 

9th International Symposium on Security & Privacy on Internet of Things (SPIoT)

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December 18th, 2020 - December 20th, 2020
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This is the 9th time that this security and privacy conference would have taken place, this year it is in China, Nanjing. If you work in this space then you can consider this an event of significant interest.


- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Wednesday, August 12th 2020.
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This year the 9th SPIoT will be held in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Security, Privacy and Anonymity in Computation, Communication, and Storage (SpaCCS 2020) in Nanjing, China, on December 18-20, 2020.

The Internet of Things (IoT) regarded by most as the Internet’s next evolutionary phase, can be perceived as a global network that brings together physical objects with sensing, actuating, and communicating capabilities.

The goal is to connect devices that are able to self-configure and self-adapt to contextual changes through collaboration, instead of expecting direct human input. Nevertheless, this seamless integration of the cyber capabilities of the corresponding devices with the physical world is poised to take the threats against this technology to the next level. In this context, every threat against IoT may constitute a threat against the physical assets of systems, and such threats maybe even translated to the loss of human lives. SPIoT aims at complementing SpaCCS topics by providing a specialized, in-depth focus on the security and privacy issues around IoT.

The focus of SPIoT is on high-quality research papers about the state of the art in a wide range of IoT-related technologies:

  • Security and privacy in heterogeneous IoT.
  • Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Mining and Aggregation in IoT applications.
  • Cross-domain trust management in smart networks.
  • Secure authentication of IoT devices.
  • MAC layer security protocols for the IoT applications.
  • IoT security mechanisms targeting application layer protocols.
  • Resource-savvy Intrusion Detection for Networks of Things.
  • IoT-based malware mitigation.

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