4th Edition IndoSec Summit 2021

October 5th, 2021

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 October 5th, 2021  

4th Edition IndoSec Summit 2021

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October 5th, 2021
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With an eye on building and strengthening Indonesia’s geopolitical position, as well as improving its global economic agility, the Indonesian government has been highly aggressive in expanding the country’s cyber security capabilities throughout the years and fending off growing threats. Digitalization also suggests that several industries inside the country are becoming more susceptible to cyber-attacks. In today’s digitally aware world, organizations, not only in APAC but around the world, are beginning to realize that the only way to remain ahead of the competition is to enhance their operations and leverage the potential of cybersecurity. A rising number of cybersecurity firms are likewise eager to collaborate together with the government to develop initiatives that will help improve cyber awareness in Indonesia. For this reason, it has become critical for companies to figure out how to prioritize and invest in a realistic cyber agenda and create cybersecurity defense. Highly recommended event in this part of the world.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Saturday, August 28th 2021.
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Over the years, the Indonesian government has been very proactive in boosting the country’s cyber security capabilities and resisting escalating threats, aiming to further build, secure and uplift Indonesia’s ground in the geopolitics sector while also enhancing its global economic agility.

Additionally, the dive in digitalization also indicates a lot of industries within the country are getting increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Organizations are steadily recognizing that the only way to stay ahead in today’s digitally savvy world is to improve their operations and harness the power of cybersecurity. There is also a growing interest amongst cybersecurity vendors to diligently work with the government to partner and build programs that can raise cyber awareness in Indonesia. Solving the complexity for organizations to prioritize and invest accordingly on a workable cyber agenda and developing cyber protection has therefore become of utmost importance.

Following the success of the long-running cybersecurity event dedicated to Indonesia, Tradepass is proud to host the 4th Edition IndoSec Summit 2021 virtually and we can’t wait to welcome you again. Set to explore the latest advancements in cybersecurity, IndoSec 2021 will consist of two knowledge-packed days filled with in-depth fireside chats, roundtable discussions, panels, keynotes, and much more. Bringing together over 1500+ experts and high-level executives across Indonesia for informative discussions, exclusive networking opportunities, and the chance to hear from the biggest players in cybersecurity, IndoSec is a must-attend conference for all cybersecurity professionals.

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