Abertay Hackers Meetings 2021

September 29th, 2021

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Cybersecurity Leaders Summit

 September 29th, 2021  

Abertay Hackers Meetings 2021

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September 29th, 2021
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They are also renowned for organizing the Securi-Tay yearly conference, which is regarded one of Europe’s largest student-run information security conferences and is focused at helping students engage with business. Our members are well-known for visiting a variety of conferences and events across the world, and you may have seen some of them present their work there. In addition to conferences, the Abertay Hackers have a reputation for being fierce competitors at CTF competitions, with several of our teams placing first.

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Abertay Hackers is composed of a group of Ethical Hacking students at Abertay University in sunny Dundee, who meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the Hacklab at Abertay Uni to discuss topics relating to information security.

Along with running their weekly meetings, they are also known for organizing the Securi-Tay annual conference, which is considered as one of Europe’s biggest student-run information security conferences, aimed to help students interact with industry. Our members are known for attending many different conferences and events around the world, and you may have seen some of them presenting work at these events. Along with conferences the Abertay Hackers have a reputation of being very competitive at CTF events which have resulted in many of our teams ranking 1st place.

Most of the members study at Abertay University which offers two courses related to information security, these are our BSc(Hons) in Ethical Hacking and our MSc in Ethical Hacking and Cyber security. Both courses are very popular due to the hands-on teaching approach supplied by our lecturers and our modules which simulate work that we may face in a real-world environment.

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