BSides Athens 2021

June 19th, 2021

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Cybersecurity Leaders Summit

 June 19th, 2021 
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BSides Athens 2021

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June 19th, 2021
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* Due to COVID, it is most likely that this event will be online - but please make sure! The situation is constantly changing...

 Our Review

Certainly, you can consider this BSides event in Greece as being one of the premier hacking events in Athens in 2021. I’d absolutely recommend you to attend this event. For those who have visited our directory before you’d have noticed that we’re big fans of BSides events, indeed I’ve even interviewed the cofounder Jack Daniel.

Σίγουρα, μπορείτε να θεωρήσετε αυτό το γεγονός BSides στην Ελλάδα ως ένα από τα κορυφαία γεγονότα hacking στην Αθήνα το 2021. Θα σας συνιστούσα απολύτως να παρακολουθήσετε αυτήν την εκδήλωση. Για όσους έχουν επισκεφτεί τον κατάλογό μας πριν να έχετε παρατηρήσει ότι είμαστε μεγάλοι θαυμαστές των εκδηλώσεων BSides, πράγματι έχω συνέντευξη ακόμη και του συνιδρυτή Jack Daniel.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Sunday, July 5th 2020.
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Conference Event Summary

The following description was either submitted by the Conference Organizer on Sunday, July 5th 2020, or created by us.

Security BSides Athens 2021 will be our 6th conference in Athens, Greece.

Security BSides is a community-driven framework for building events by and for information security community members. These events are already happening in major cities all over the world! We are responsible for organizing an independent Security BSides-Approved event for Athens, Greece.

The idea behind the Security BSides events is to organize an Information Security / Cybersecurity conference where professionals, experts, researchers, and InfoSec enthusiasts come together to discuss the next “big thing”.

Security BSides is not restricted only to ethical hacking, but instead, the conference is open to a wide range of subjects related to security such as incident response, IoT security, computer forensics, security standards, and of course compliance. We want to have a conference where everyone learns a new thing during a fun day full of cybersecurity-related talks, workshops, CTF, and other educational activities.

Behind the scenes to drive the event are a number of people, professionals in the area of Information Security, who decided to take the first steps and bring this global network of events in Greece.

Participate, Sponsor, Present, Volunteer, Contribute to actively support this Security BSides conference in Athens.

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