2nd Workshop on Coordination of Decentralized Finance (CoDecFin) 2021

March 5th, 2021

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 March 5th, 2021  

2nd Workshop on Coordination of Decentralized Finance (CoDecFin) 2021

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March 5th, 2021
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* Due to COVID, it is most likely that this event will be online - but please make sure! The situation is constantly changing...

 Our Review

If you’re a cybersecurity professional working in the FinSec/Finanace sector, you will gain a lot of insights by attending this event.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Thursday, November 12th 2020.
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Conference Event Summary

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This workshop is designed to identify and discuss technology and operation issues of permissionless blockchain and decentralized finance. As permissionless blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms evolve and mature, there is an urgent need for multi-stakeholders to engage in their planning, development, roll-out, and operation, in order for the innovation of a wide variety of financial applications to proliferate and become mainstream.

Thus far it has been mainly developer & startup communities that are driving these protocols, platforms, and applications for this new era of computing. New ​standards, governance mechanisms, and design patterns​are evolving and need input from a variety of perspectives.

There is a growing trend towards decentralized computing systems in which distributed ledger technologies are a fundamental component. These systems are designed to be global computing systems; they will likely form the basis of new financial services and businesses including a distributed Financial Market Infrastructure (dFMI).

These new financial services and businesses could bring huge benefits to the global financial system, e.g. resiliency over efficiency, and predictability over resiliency.

However financial regulators, central banks, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and International Monetary Fund (IMF), while recognizing the potential of DLT systems, have also been keenly aware of the challenges in the adoption, and designing for consumer protections required to balance usability, safety while supporting innovation. While it is likely that many G20 countries will be leading the design and development of these new infrastructures, all cities and countries ​should be considered and encouraged to participate​in the planning. Discussions of this workshop are expected to contribute to discussions of Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN), where common documents on blockchain technology and operations are created backed by all stakeholders.

Hence, CoDecFin 2021 will be directly connected to the general meeting of BGIN. The second general meeting of BGIN (Block #2) will be held right after CoDecFin.

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