Conf42: Cloud Native

April 29th, 2021

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Conf42: Cloud Native

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April 29th, 2021
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We list a lot of Cloud Security Conferences in our directory. If you work in the space then clearly events organized by Conf42 ought to be a priority for you to attend. For that are unsure of the definition of what Cloud Security is – let’s consider that security in the cloud is a joint obligation between the cloud vendor and the client. In the Shared Responsibility Model, there are three types of responsibilities: those that are always the responsibility of the company, those that are always the responsibility of the client, and those that differ depending on the service model: Cloud email is an example of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS). If you work with these technologies then make sure you get your registered for this event.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Saturday, April 10th 2021.
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Everything Cloud Native and Cloud Security. It came from the Cloud!

Featured talks include:

How we used Open-Source tools to create a gating service for Flagger

At StackPulse we use a full CI/CD pipeline with FluxCD + Flagger, in order to support our CD culture needs. We also developed Puerta — a homegrown gating service that implements the Flagger webhook phases to support time-based approvals, triggering E2E jobs (CircleCI, etc.), load-testing, and auto release to production once canary passes on staging. In this session, we’ll discuss why and how we built Puerta and dig into three key areas: – How to customize your CD workflow to fit your needs and culture – How to empower developers so they can quickly deploy their code securely – How we dedicated time and resources to developing this internal CD service

Using OpenTelemetry in a polyglot environment

Michael Sickles will walk through instrumenting the Google Microservices demo app in OpenTelemetry. This demo app uses Go, Java, NodeJS, .Net, and Python all communicating in a distributed microservice architecture. Michael will talk about the challenges he faced to get everything to connect and show up in a single OpenTelemetry Trace.

Taking control of reliability in cloud-native systems

Reliability is key to the adoption and scale of cloud-native systems. Chaos Engineering is a way of measuring how reliable the services are. There are a host of ways to use Chaos Engineering in DevOps. This session describes the importance of Chaos Engineering and best practices around them specifically to Cloud Native environments.

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