How to Fast-Track Your Enterprises’ Cyber Resilience Smartly and on a Budget

March 26th, 2021

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 March 26th, 2021 
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How to Fast-Track Your Enterprises’ Cyber Resilience Smartly and on a Budget

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March 26th, 2021
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 Our Review

An outstanding cybersecurity event – that is free to attend! QinetiQ’s unique Cyber Intrusion Exercise takes the key tradecraft features of a security red team and runs small-scale practical exercises to identify public information (OSINT), and execute a focussed test of, for example, email filters, and examine your network security should someone breach your network and organization. These rapid-paced engagements test key defenses efficiently. An event like this would bolster your CV if you are looking for a job with Cybersecurity for a Cybersecurity Company.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Saturday, March 13th 2021.
- If you would like to edit or ammend facts in my review please either send us a message or connect with me via LinkedIn.

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How to Fast-Track Your Enterprises’ Cyber Resilience Smartly and on a Budget (free webinar)

Date: 26th March 2021
Time: 11am GMT
Location: Webinar
Hosted by: QinetiQ
Led by: James Mason, Enterprise Cyber Security Services, QinetiQ

Webinar overview:

QinetiQ will be hosting a FREE webinar on “How to Fast-Track Your Enterprises’ Cyber Resilience Smartly and on a Budget,” taking place at 11 am GMT on 26th March 2021.

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this due to the security vulnerabilities associated with remote working. Organizations who want to respond to this rise by adopting an effective security strategy will find this webinar to be invaluable.

During this exclusive webinar, James Mason, Enterprise Cyber Security Services from QinetiQ’s expert Security Health Check Team, will explore key areas of focus on how enterprises can immediately improve their overall cybersecurity and will provide actionable steps to help them plot an effective security strategy for their organization.

What will you learn from the webinar?

  • What is Cyber Intrusion Exercises (CIE)?
  • How you can improve your organization’s security posture today
  • Actionable steps to take in order to plot an effective security strategy
  • How Cyber Intrusion Exercises can improve your cyber resilience on a budget

Who should attend?

CISO, Chief Information Security Officer, Head of Information Security, Information Security Manager, IT Security Engineer, IT Director, IT Security Consultant, IT Security Analyst, IT Security

Meet the webinar host – James Mason:

James began working in information security in 2013 for a global defense organization, where alongside the penetration testing and red team sales lead, he helped lead the strategic development and delivery for full-spectrum Cyber Security Testing exercises. James joins us from Enterprise Cyber at QinetiQ where he continues to work closely with our world’s longest established, dedicated pen testing team and red team, as well as QinetiQ’s wider Enterprise Cyber Security Services portfolio.

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