CyFy 2021

October 19th, 2021

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Cybersecurity Leaders Summit

 October 19th, 2021  

CyFy 2021

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October 19th, 2021
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The global community is moving in fits and starts back to health, with access, capability, agenda-setting authority, and capital all being starkly contrasted. Also, our connection with technology will change throughout the course of the Big Pause, which will lead to deeper disputes over technology and the regimes that control its outlines. The crux of our current digital discussions is this: who will control our technology futures?

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The world is on an uneven path to recovery, with distinct divides along the lines of access, capacity, agenda-setting power and capital. Similarly, the metamorphosis of our relationship with technology during the Big Pause will result in deepening conflicts over technology flows and the regimes that shape their contours. The key question animating our digital debates this year is, who will own our tech futures?

Some of topics at this event will include:

  • The Leviathan Rises From the Deep: The Battle of Giants
  • Codes or Conflict: Responsible Behaviour in the Chrome Age
  • Rage and the Machine: Being Human in the Face of Tech Harms.
  • Breaking the Final Frontier: The New Space Accords
  • Beyond the Billions: Gender, Ethnicity and Community-Centric Approaches

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