DockerCon LIVE 2021

May 27th, 2021

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 May 27th, 2021  

DockerCon LIVE 2021

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May 27th, 2021
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* Due to COVID, it is most likely that this event will be online - but please make sure! The situation is constantly changing...

 Our Review

For those of our community involved with programming then this event would be of significant interest. Docker is a series of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) products that deliver applications in packages called containers using OS-level virtualization. Containers are separated from each other and package their own applications, libraries and configuration files; through well-defined channels, they can communicate with each other. All containers share the services of a single kernel operating system.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Monday, February 22nd 2021.
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Conference Event Summary

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DockerCon brings together the entire community of Docker developers, contributors, and partners to share, teach, and collaborate to grow the understanding and capabilities of modern application developers.

DockerCon is a highly-concentrated learning experience that shows developers what’s new and what’s possible with Docker, and how to take advantage of these innovations right away to get their jobs done better and faster. Sessions are free, interactive, and are designed for flexible consumption on the day of the event and beyond.

DockerCon also brings together the companies whose platforms, tools, and services integrate tightly with Docker to deliver innovative applications efficiently. DockerCon attendees can hear from these companies; ask questions about how they integrate with Docker, learn more about their product, and evaluate the tools and technologies they will need to build apps today and tomorrow. Companies participating in DockerCon include the largest cloud platform providers, companies delivering CI/CD, Security, and Developer tools to services providers who can help companies craft app development and delivery strategies.

For developers new to Docker or who want to grow their skills in a new area, pre-day instructor-led workshops will deliver hands-on training focused on getting started with Docker or a number of core learning areas for a deeper learning experience. And throughout the experience, members of the Docker community will have chances to ask questions of the experts at Docker and across the community, network with one another, and build or rekindle relationships, and even friendships among their peers.

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