Cyber Security Digital Summit for Financial Services 2021

September 14th, 2021

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 September 14th, 2021  

Cyber Security Digital Summit for Financial Services 2021

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September 14th, 2021
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The broader cyber security sector is accelerating a seismic change in response to the risks posed by a new, largely remote workforce. Despite the industry’s efforts over the last few years to make front-line workers aware of the various threats they face, public awareness campaigns continue to gain traction. According to the results of a recent study conducted by the Cyber Security Hub, security awareness is currently the most important issue. And it’s not simply time invested; when asked where funding is going, security awareness is one of the top three priorities. Highly recommended Cybersecurity Event.

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It’s a fool’s errand to go believing that the Financial Services industry is such fertile ground for cyber threats and incidents simply because of the money. As we know, a successful ransomware attack that nets a significant sum of money for a cybercriminal is nice, but the bigger gain is understanding how your system has been breached. The IP of where future value will be is more valuable than simply securing current currency.

The greater cyber security industry is expediting a tectonic shift to meet the threats associated with a brand new mostly remote workforce. Though the industry has spent the past couple of years ensuring the front lines are aware of myriad threat vectors, awareness campaigns remain on the rise. Our recent Cyber Security Hub survey outlined that the biggest current area of focus is in fact, security awareness. And it’s not just time spent- asked where budget is being allocated- security awareness is a top three spend.

Compliance with regulation is the reason for some of that focus and spend and the Financial Services industry knows all about regulation. There is an evolution of cyber security regulation to speak to issues beyond privacy. The sharing of attack information, once anathema to regulators- has had a re-think as state and corporate infrastructure can only compete with malicious behavior if collaborative principles are utilized on both sides. Please join us at our 2nd Financial Services Cyber Security Summit.

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