1st Workshop on Industrial infrastructures Cyber Security for Advancing Collaborative Manufacturing (ICSAC)

January 18th, 2021

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 January 18th, 2021 
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1st Workshop on Industrial infrastructures Cyber Security for Advancing Collaborative Manufacturing (ICSAC)

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January 18th, 2021
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 Our Review

This is a superb event to learn about manufacturing and SCADA and Industrial Control Systems. If you’re working with these technologies then this would be an ideal conference to attend. It’s also worth me noting here that we have a dedicated resource for those interested in attending SCADA Conferences.

Ez egy remek esemény a gyártás, valamint a SCADA és az ipari vezérlőrendszerek megismerésére.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Thursday, September 24th 2020.
- If you would like to edit or ammend facts in my review please either send us a message or connect with me via LinkedIn.

Conference Event Summary

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Industry 4.0 is based on the digitalization of processes and the interconnection of equipment for improved operations, process optimization, and enhanced adaptability to market needs.

Looking beyond the single factory scope, collaborative manufacturing pushes the advantages of I-4.0 integration to the entire supply- and value chain.

The ICSAC workshop is focused around the cybersecurity challenges arising in collaborative manufacturing scenarios, to foster security solutions that can concretely improve trust and facilitate the transition to the I-4.0 paradigm.

This workshop aims to be an open venue to discuss solutions able to (1) guarantee secure data exchange across the digital supply chain while providing a high degree of resilience, reliability, accountability, and trustworthiness, and (2) to address threat prevention, detection, mitigation, and real-time response. Some of the addressed topics (but not limited to them):

  • Solutions for trusted computations at the edge, including trusted embedded platforms enablers (e.g. trusted execution environments based on commercial/open solutions, embedded cryptographic modules, the root of trust solutions, secure boot, TPM),
  • Solutions for confidentiality, including secure multi-party computations and homomorphic encryption,
  • Solutions for trusted supply chain and secure transactions, including distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts,
  • Solutions for secure communications and integration, including I-4.0 frameworks such as OPC-UA, UMATI, …
  • Solutions for runtime network protection, including privacy-preserving embedded machine learning and novel approaches to anomaly detection,
  • Solutions for managing Industrial IoT devices at scale, including PKIs and remote attestation,
  • Pilots and success stories on the security of collaborative manufacturing in the context of the I-4.0 vision.

This is the first edition of the ICSAC workshop, organized in the context of and with support from the EU H2020 project COLLABS 871518.

The workshop will host (a) two presentations from the COLLABS project, providing the vision and some technical achievements of the first year of the project, and (b) open presentation slots for papers selected among the submissions.

Cybersecurity for industrial manufacturing infrastructures is a compelling and growing area for future embedded technologies, with an expected impact that will change radically the opportunities in the collaborative manufacturing domain. Cybersecurity is essential to provide adequate guarantees from the lowest to the highest layers of future manufacturing infrastructures.

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