IDC Multicloud Benelux 2021

November 23rd, 2021

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 November 23rd, 2021  

IDC Multicloud Benelux 2021

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November 23rd, 2021
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We are now entering the next phase of cloud adoption where enterprise applications are moving to the cloud and IT organizations need to handle multilayer applications in complex multi-cloud operations as dynamic cloud-native applications on the same platform.

Typical challenges that arise include deciding which workload should be placed in which cloud, what the criteria are for deciding workload placement, how to govern cloud usage and ensure regulatory compliance, how to gain visibility into the performance of cloud services, how to secure enterprise applications and cloud-native applications, and how to enable cloud-based innovation from edge to core to cloud and drive the right level of connectivity.

To deal with these challenges successfully, IT organizations should look not only at the technology evolution and select the right cloud providers, cloud operating model, and target architecture, but also at the development of skills and the cultural change that follows the change in the technology platform.

IDC’s Multicloud 2021 will review industry trends and provide you with an opportunity to look at the ways companies can move from islands of innovation to cloud-based operating models at scale and drive a cultural evolution to speed up innovation and business transformation.

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