Identity Management & Access Control

October 4th, 2021

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 October 4th, 2021  

Identity Management & Access Control

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October 4th, 2021
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Businesses need to control the access to information and applications that are spread out across internal and external application systems, which is why they A increasing number of identities, both inside and outside of the company, must have access to this information without compromising security or disclosing sensitive information. As a result, security and Identity Management & Access Control leaders typically struggle with the launch and maintenance of Identity Management & Access In order to manage the complete spectrum of risks and achieve desired business objectives, the IMF recommends a governance strategy for Identity Management & Access Control activities.

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Identity Management & Access Control – why?

Identity Management and Access Control Enterprises need to manage access to information and applications scattered across internal and external application systems. Moreover, they must provide this access for a growing number of identities, both inside and outside the organization, without compromising security or exposing sensitive information. Security and Identity Management & Access Control leaders often struggle with launching and sustaining Identity Management & Access Control initiatives. International Management Forum (IMF) advocates an approach to govern Identity Management & Access Control initiatives so as to manage the full spectrum of risks and achieve desirable business outcomes.

Make Identity Management & Access Control work for you!
Business demands on Identity Management & Access Control are changing rapidly, resulting in the requirement to adopt emerging technologies (e.g. mobile and cloud computing, data loss prevention, and social media) earlier and more quickly. Specifically cloud computing creates new Identity Management & Access Control risks that must be managed. Typical pitfalls include the difficulty of managing access consistently across the enterprise and the increased complexity (which also drives up the cost) of incorporating new technologies into the existing Identity Management & Access Control processes.

Effective Identity and Management processes are integral to driving business value reducing risk, sustaining compliance, improving the end user experience and responding to the changing IT landscape. Identity Management & Access Control is a critical step in the process of securing company resources, while allowing users enough access to get the job done.

Enterprises that develop mature Identity Management & Access Control capabilities can reduce their Identity Management costs significantly. Poorly controlled Identity Management & Access Control processes may lead to regulatory non-compliance, because your company will not be able to prove that company data is not at risk for being misused. To help reach the goal of an enabler that reduces risks, this 4-day Identity Management & Access Control focused training explains life cycle phases, relevant IT trends, a capability maturity model, key considerations for transformation, tools and how to get started.

Identity Management & Access Control – for what professionals is this training a must?
Are you responsible for the successful implementation of Identity Management and Access Control in your organization? Don’t hesitate, this is the training you have been waiting for. This 4-day Identity Management & Access Control training is a must for identity managers, process managers, IT managers, (IT) information managers, (information) security managers, IT auditors, network managers, security architects, risk managers, compliance managers, and Human Resources managers.

Identity Management & Access Control – what is it?
Identity Management & Access Control is the discipline for managing access to enterprise resources. It is a foundational element of any information security program. Identity Management describes the management of individual principals, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within or across system and enterprise boundaries with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime, and repetitive tasks. The terms Identity Management (IdM) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) are used interchangeably.

Identity Management covers issues such as how users gain an identity, the protection of that identity and the technologies supporting that protection (e.g. network protocols, digital certificates, passwords, etc.). Identity Management and Access Control comprises of people, processes and products to manage identities and access to resources of your enterprise. The ultimate goal of the Identity Management & Access Control framework is to provide the right people with the right access at the right time.

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