Identity Management Day 2021

April 13th, 2021

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 April 13th, 2021  

Identity Management Day 2021

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April 13th, 2021
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Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are used by infosec professionals and cybersecurity organizations to manage user identity and monitor access to enterprise services; mostly for end organizations users. IAM technologies guarantee that the best people have access to the right IT services at the right time for the right reasons and at the right time. They’re an essential part of a defense-in-depth technology policy because they protect IT networks from cyberattacks and data loss. If you work with IAM technologies then this cybersecurity conference would be ideal.

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The word “identity” has many meanings—it can be the way that we perceive or define ourselves, a physical identifier like a driver’s license or passport, or it can be something you may not even think much about.

In a world defined by our use of technology, how we are identified digitally is important. Our digital identities and the credentials that protect them define how we work, interact with each other, access technology, execute transactions, and so much more.

For organizations, Identity and Access Management (IAM) “is the discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons,” according to Gartner. Weak or improper identity management increases risk. The vast majority of data breaches making headlines are the result of poor identity management. Twitter, Marriott, Nintendo…the list goes on. These breaches often leverage weak identity management, such as weak or previously compromised passwords, not leveraging multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, or leaving standing privileges open.

For consumers, identity management is the discipline of protecting our personal digital identities as we communicate, shop, and transact our daily lives online. For individuals, poor password hygiene and careless online behavior can lead to compromised accounts or identity theft. These incidents occur when we use weak passwords, fail to enable two-factor authentication, or carelessly click on malicious links.

To reduce these risks requires three things:

  • Understanding that identity management and security is a challenge that many people and organizations are failing at and that cyber-attackers exploit this fact.
  • Awareness that we must do a better job managing and securing identities and the access granted with them.
  • Utilizing technology solutions available to strengthen identity and access management.
  • Follow the advice provided for individuals and organizations.

The Identity Defined Security Alliance is proud to host Identity Management Day. Along with the support of member companies and the National Cyber Security Alliance, hope it will provide valuable resources to better manage and secure identities, not just each second Tuesday in April but every day throughout the year.

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