IEEE Workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence and Hunting with AI

December 15th, 2021

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 December 15th, 2021  

IEEE Workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence and Hunting with AI

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December 15th, 2021
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Cyberattacks against vital infrastructure, operational technology, the Internet of Things, and major enterprises have gotten more complicated and hybridized, and they are being carried out at machine speed. As a result, cyber defenders are moving away from manual and reactive tactics and toward more automated and proactive ones. Cyber Threat Intelligence is a critical component in establishing a strong security posture against hostile assaults (CTI).

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Cybercrimes against critical infrastructure, operational technology, IoT, and large organizations have become more complex and hybridized and are executed at machine speed. In response to that, cyber defenders transition from manual and reactive approaches to more automated and proactive. A key element for building a robust security posture against adversarial attacks is Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). CTI allows security teams to benefit from increased situational awareness and thus minimize their organizationsā€™ attack surfaces. Based on the detection maturity of an organization, such intelligence can update cyber defense components in an automated manner based on the established trust between the entity sharing the intelligence and the entity consuming it, or in more proactive approaches such as threat hunting and risk assessment. For example, TTPs used in adversarial activities can support threat hunting efforts where the objective is to detect unidentified malicious activity that evaded existing security solutions. The CyberHunt workshop aims to present AI-focused (e.g., symbolic AI, machine learning, NLP) research in the areas of cyber-threat hunting, cyber-threat intelligence, and security orchestration, automation, and response.

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