ISMG Virtual Cybersecurity Summit: Identity and Access Management

February 16th, 2021

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Cyber Security Denver Tampa Conference

 February 16th, 2021 - February 17th, 2021 
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ISMG Virtual Cybersecurity Summit: Identity and Access Management

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February 16th, 2021 - February 17th, 2021
United States  »  Northeast, USA  »  New Jersey » 
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* Due to COVID, it is most likely that this event will be online - but please make sure! The situation is constantly changing...
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With enterprises globally now supporting a 100% remote workforce and customer base, global organizations may be forever changed. Layers of security are rendered useless if you inadvertently give permission for the threat actor to access your data. Controlling who has access to the right data at the right time seems simple, but is offset by making sure it is safe from outside (and inside) interests.

Join experts in the field at our virtual summit to learn how to walk the line between convenience, accessibility, and security.

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