How Low-Code Platforms Prepare Companies for Industry 4.0

September 9th, 2021

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 September 9th, 2021  

How Low-Code Platforms Prepare Companies for Industry 4.0

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September 9th, 2021
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According to a survey commissioned by Siemens and performed by Forrester Consulting among IoT decision-makers, 46% of those polled said that partners creating vertical sector applications would be the most beneficial to their companies. OEMs that use cutting-edge technology in their products received a respectable 43% vote. If you work in this space then this would be an ideal conference to attend.

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In a commissioned study of IoT decision-makers conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Siemens, 46% of respondents reported that partners developing vertical industry applications would be the most helpful to their organizations. At 43%, OEMs who incorporate edge technologies into their devices were the second top response.

Companies need cost-effective ways to quickly build industry-vertical IoT applications and leverage built-in connectivity with edge devices.

The success rate of an enterprise-scale digital project is very slim, with 70 percent of projects either facing serious challenges or failing altogether. It’s all about collaboration. Or a lack thereof. Business collaboration can become much easier using low-code applications. Low code/ no-code solutions have the potential to reduce the development time by 90%.

The average company avoided hiring two IT developers using low code tools. This reaped about $4.4 million in increased business value over three years from the applications designed. (Forrester)

70% of low code users who had no experience at all before using low code platforms learned low code in 1 month or less.

The Mendix and MindSphere integration address the needs as well as the challenge of a dramatic shortage of development talent. By expanding the pool of human capital available in an enterprise to support the development process, and radically accelerating that process through the low-code platform, companies can achieve a faster, greater return on their IoT investment.

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