International Workshop on Next Generation Security Operations Centers (NG-SOC) 2021

August 17th, 2021

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 August 17th, 2021 - August 20th, 2021 

International Workshop on Next Generation Security Operations Centers (NG-SOC) 2021

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August 17th, 2021 - August 20th, 2021
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* Due to COVID, it is most likely that this event will be online - but please make sure! The situation is constantly changing...

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Given the fact that their own ICT infrastructures are complicated (SCADA/ICS), continuously evolving (e.g., due to the implementation of emerging technologies), and there is a lack of trained cybersecurity specialists, organizations in Europe face the daunting challenge of identifying and responding to a growing array of cyber-attacks and threats. The time it takes to track and react to cyber-attacks needs to be greatly reduced in 2021 and beyond. The creation of a Security Operations Center is one of the most important ways for businesses to remain ahead of cyberattacks (SOC). The primary goal of a security operations center (SOC) is to track, evaluate, and protect an organization’s information assets on both a strategic and operational basis; so if you work with any aspect of offensive/defensive cybersecurity then you’ll likely attain a lot of benefit from attending this conference in Ireland, which like most events in 2021 will very likely also be virtual or a hybrid.

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Organizations in Europe face the difficult task of detecting and responding to increasing numbers of cyber-attacks and threats, given that their own ICT infrastructures are complex, constantly changing (e.g. by the introduction of new technologies) and there is a shortage of qualified cybersecurity experts. There is a great need to drastically reduce the time to detect and respond to cyber-attacks. A key means for organizations to stay ahead of the threat is through the establishment of a Security Operations Center (SOC). The primary purpose of a SOC is to monitor, assess and defend the information assets of an enterprise, both on a technical and organizational level.

The aim of this workshop is to create a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss the challenges associated with SOC operations and focus on research contributions that can be applied to address these challenges. Through cooperation among H2020 European projects, the workshop intends to provide a more comprehensive overview of the promising research-based solutions that enable timely response to emerging threats and support different aspects of the security analysis and recovery process.

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