RANT Virtual Cheese and Wine Event in Partnership with SentinelOne

September 30th, 2021

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 September 30th, 2021  

RANT Virtual Cheese and Wine Event in Partnership with SentinelOne

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September 30th, 2021
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 Our Review

Supply chain-based assaults are on the increase once again. The easy route is always used by the assailants. In today’s world, it’s common practice to compromise one of the target company’s suppliers before using their trust connection with the target business to get access. Simply put, which is more likely: an unknown email with an attachment, or an invoice from a recognized supplier?

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Supply chain attacks are the new high watermark of attacks

Supply chain-based attacks continue to be on the rise. Attackers always choose the easiest path. Today, it’s often done by first compromising one of the end targets suppliers and then abuse the trust relationship that they have to the target organization to get in—simply speaking what is more likely, the target to open an unknown email with an attachment or the invoice that a known supplier sends?

During this discussion, we analyse some of the most prominent supply-chain-based attacks, including Kayesa, SolarWinds, and NotPetya, and we will share our recommendations for C-Level decision-makers on how to combat supply chain-based attacks.


17:00 BST – Welcome note

17:10 BST – Discussion begins

18:00 BST – Closing comments around the virtual table and further discussion

18:30 BST – Official event close

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