RANT Radio: Zero Trust

May 26th, 2021

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 May 26th, 2021  
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RANT Radio: Zero Trust

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May 26th, 2021
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 Our Review

We’ve listed RANT Events in London for a long time now and we’ve heard a bunch of good things about their events – so yes, we’d encourage you to get involved in their security conferences. The folks that attend their security events are known as RANTers. The theme for this event is related to the popular concept of Zero Trust. Zero trust security is an IT security model that requires strict identity verification for every person and device trying to access resources on a private network, regardless of whether they are sitting within or outside of the network perimeter. No single specific technology is associated with zero trust architecture; it is a holistic approach to network security that incorporates several different principles and technologies.

- Review written by Henry Dalziel on Friday, May 7th 2021.
- If you would like to edit or ammend facts in my review please either send us a message or connect with me via LinkedIn.

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Zero Trust: Improve security, by trusting no one?

Zero trust promises a radical new way to handle identity and security. Strengthening perimeters only goes so far. At some point, there will be a breach. Once the attacker is in the damage is done: it’s all too easy to compromise systems or steal data.

With zero trust everything, and everyone, is untrusted until it’s proven otherwise. Zero trust promises to stop hackers using privilege escalation or lateral moves to press home their attacks. It would, its advocates say, have blocked many high-profile breaches.

That, at least, is the theory. But zero trust is not a tool a CISO can just deploy. It’s often described as a journey or a process. Certainly, it is a new way of thinking about security. How can that thinking turn into better security?

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17:00 – 17:10 Welcome Note and Introductions
17:10 – 17:45 Panel Discussion Begins
17:45 – 17:55 Closing Comments
17:55 – 18:00 Event Close
18:00 – 18:30 Continued Discussion on RANT’s Virtual Pub – The Isolation Arms

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