Recovering from a Ransomware Attack with Kapalya

November 9th, 2021

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 November 9th, 2021  

Recovering from a Ransomware Attack with Kapalya

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November 9th, 2021
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According to the FBI, there is a ransomware attack on the United States Government and its enterprises every 11 seconds. After ransomware enters the system, it encrypts accessible files that are present on the computer and spreads throughout the network. These files have become unusable unless decrypted with a special key owned only by the cybercriminal and released in exchange for payment with an untraceable/pseudonymous method.

Kapalya has developed a comprehensive enterprise-wide Encryption Management Platform (EMP) to encrypt data wherever it resides. One use case of EMP is data recovery on endpoints after a ransomware breach, WITHOUT any data leakage.

Join Kapalya for a live webinar and hear from Sudesh Kumar, CEO, and co-founder of Kapalya, as he discusses:
-The increase in ransomware attacks
-The organized gangs that are behind these ransomware attacks
-How stolen information is monetized and sold on the dark web
-What actions companies should take to prepare for a ransomware attack, and how they can recover after a ransomware breach

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