The Board’s Role in Cyber Security Risk

August 25th, 2021

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 August 25th, 2021  

The Board’s Role in Cyber Security Risk

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August 25th, 2021
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All financial institutions, regardless of their size, are affected by the cyber security threat that is constant If an institution suffers a single cyber security incident, the cost might be in the tens of Is your institution’s cyber security program under your control as a board member?  This cybersecurity event would be of interest if you’ve ever battled with these questions or just want to learn more about board oversight of cyber security.

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Trends indicate that cyber security vulnerabilities are growing threats against financial institutions. Is your institution prepared?

The persistent cyber security threat is everywhere and affects all financial institutions regardless of size. A single cyber security incident can cost an institution hundreds of thousands of dollars and immeasurable reputation damage. As a board member, do you know you are responsible for overseeing your institution’s cyber security program? What are your strategies to deal with cyber threats? What questions should you be asking your IT leadership and IT steering committee to verify your institution is properly protected? If you have ever struggled with these questions or just feel like you need to know more about board oversight of cyber security, then this presentation is for you.

After participating in this event, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the cyber security oversight responsibilities of board members
  • Understand the cyber security threats faced by all financial institutions
  • Ask pertinent and timely questions related to cyber security
  • Understand the value of the Automated Cyber Assessment Tool (ACAT)
  • Determine if your cyber security controls should be improved

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