ElevateIT: Technology Summit – Dallas

May 26th, 2022

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ElevateIT: Technology Summit – Dallas

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May 26th, 2022
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How do I help my company keep and grow market base within this most disruptive chaotic time in history? Can I capitalize on the disruption to create a competitive advantage? How do I create value while maintaining digital trust? Once you have created a flexible strategic business model both on paper and in practice that answers these 3 questions, you will be in prime position for 2022 and beyond.
Managing change intelligently includes weaving in three main strategic attributes: Tightly integrated, comprehensive and intelligently automated.
The profitable digital marketplace requires transactional immediacy and transactional immediacy requires digitizing and securing data, applications and workflows both at rest and in process.
Today without question, data protection and process security (cybersecurity) are the top strategic components of governance and innovation, bumping it up to first position with governance impact. Adding digital cybersecurity for accuracy and speed can be key to adding value and trust. And “trust” is THE key characteristic to grow customers for 2022.
The second position, and just as important is a positive customer experience which also includes “a reputation KPI” that is intuitively based on behavioral analytics that is easy to use with a very personal “touch.” Although the vast number of customers are digital natives and enjoy the push button experience, they also expect it to be proactively personal, familiar, and private.
The go-to companies for 2022 must have a positive reputation which includes customer data protection, quality products and services and proactive, consistent and on-time delivery. The way forward is the hyper intelligent digital marketplace. Are you making the right decisions for a marketplace edge for 2022 and beyond? Join us for these discussions and ElevateIT’s promise for delivering valuable and impactful and timely content.

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