List of All BSides Events for 2017-2018 with Links

Summary: In this blog post we try to do our best to list all BSides Events by Geographical Region 5 minute read
Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
Category: General Cybersecurity Conferences News + Tips

What is this post?

Simply put, BSides is awesome. For those that don’t know, BSides is a global ‘hacking culture’ phenomena. BSides events are a superb opportunity to meet like minded folk in your city. These events are, according to the founders, “community-driven frameworks for building events for and by information security community members.” If you are keen to network locally and learn from cyber experts in your city then BSides is quite possibly this best way to go to achieve that. We’d strongly recommend that you check out the main site here.

Why did we make this post about BSides?

The main BSides website is packed full of information but we just felt that there wasn’t a way to quickly find and click thru to your local BSides event, hence why we split the events into geographical regions making it easier for you search for your local city and find out more about your local BSides event.

Are these BSides events within the main Concise Directory?

Not really…our main cybersecurity conference directory (which lists global cyber events taking place around the world) is rammed full of upcoming events but we don’t list many of the BSides events. The main reason for this is because the guys and gals at BSides manage the very accurate and excellent Google Calendar belows so there is little need for us re-invent the wheel. However, when BSide organizers contact us to include their events we are happy to include the dates in our main directory list which is subsequently then included in our weekly newsletter.

Main Directory

Click to find your local BSides event. Please report any broken links.


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BSides Asheville BSides Johnson County
BSides Atlanta BSides Knoxville
BSides Austin BSides Las Vegas
BSides Austin BSides Los Angeles
BSides Boise BSides Minneapolis
BSides Boston BSides Missouri
BSides Charleston BSides Nashville
BSides Charlotte BSides New York
BSides Charm BSides Nova
BSides Chicago BSides Orange County
BSides Cincinnati BSides Orlando
BSides Cleveland BSides Philadelphia
BSides Connecticut BSides Pittsburgh
BSides Dallas Forth Worth BSides Portland
BSides Delaware BSides Puerto Rico
BSides Denver BSides Raleigh
BSides Detroit BSides Rochester
BSides Huntsville BSides Salt Lake City
BSides Indianapolis BSides San Antonio
BSides Iowa BSides San Francisco
BSides Tampa BSides Washington


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BSides Ottawa BSides St. Johns
BSides Vancouver BSides Quebec
BSides Toronto BSides Winnipeg
BSides Calgary BSides Charlottetown


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BSides Berlin BSides Vienna
BSides Warsaw BSides Lisbon
BSides Hamburg BSides Hungary
BSides Hannover BSides Ljubjana
BSides Odessa BSides Athens
BSides Belfast BSides Zurich
BSides London BSides Manchester

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BSides Lagos BSides Algiers
BSides Cape Town


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BSides Colombia BSides Chile
BSides Peru BSides SaoPaulo
BSides Latam


BSides Canberra

Other Parts of the World
BSides Iceland | BSides Tel Aviv

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