Cybersecurity Events & Conferences In Huntsville, Alabama, USA (2018 – 2019)

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#1 Makers Local 256
Conference Location: USA, Alabama, Huntsville
Makers Local 256

Hackerspace events held in Huntsville This group enjoy getting their hands dirty and fabricate projects rather than shelling out the big bucks for the store bought equivalent. They resent being engineered out of the design process. They also thrive on figuring out how things work and piecing together disparate technologies into something new and making it their own.

#2 Annual National Cyber Security Summit
Conference Location: USA, Alabama, Huntsville
Annual National Cyber Security Summit

This year’s summit was especially successful with over 1500 attendees not including exhibitors and sponsors. This number represents an over 50% increase from last year’s Summit!

#3 North Alabama ISSA
Conference Location: USA, Alabama, Huntsville
North Alabama ISSA

The Brimingham ISSA chapter has been in existence since 2003 so the members are mostly all veterans. Because of the duration of this particular ISSA chapter we’d absolutely recommend that you join, not least because of the depth of experience you will benefit from with regards to career-networking; especially if you live and work in Cybersecurity in Birmingham. ISSA, like BSides and OWASP are awesome Computer Security organizations. With 140 chapters in 35 countries and nearly 12,000 members, the Information Systems Security Association (abbreviated to ISSA) is the largest international, not-for-profit association specifically for security professionals, in fact even more than ISC2. ISSA members include practitioners at all levels of the security field in a broad range of industries that include networking, communications, education, healthcare, compliance, manufacturing, financial and government. Again, like all the other events listed on this page we’d be very interested to learn more about this ISSA chapter, so if you are one of the organizers get in contact with us and we will happily ammend this page.

#4 Central Alabama ISSA
Conference Location: USA, Alabama, Huntsville
Central Alabama ISSA

Just like its’ sister chapter this ISSA chapter offers excellent networking opportunities. This chapter serves the Birmingham area and the surrounding region. The organizers of the ISSA Central Alabama Chapter Alabama that their group is an association of information security professionals/ cybersecurity practitioners that have a varied depth of experience. This chapter, according to the organizers, like all the other ISSA chapters, provides networking and educational opportunities for its members in an open forum. As a members you’ll be encourage to get involved, ask questions, get answers, and share ideas with peers.

#5 AITP Birmingham Chapter
Conference Location: USA, Alabama, Huntsville
AITP Birmingham Chapter

We are not completely certain if these events still take place but we will add this AITP event just in case. The group used to meet every 3rd Tuesday, and you had to have obtained an RSVP. For those that are not familiar with the ATP, they were founded in 1951. In individual chapters and as a national association, AITP seeks to advance the IT Profession through professional development, support of IT education, and national policies on IT that improve society as a whole.

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