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#1 OWASP Phoenix Local Chapter
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
OWASP Phoenix Local Chapter

Meetings for this OWASP chapter are held on the first Tuesday every month at the University of Advancing Technology. This chapter is dedicated to bringing together local businesses, students, web, and security enthusiasts in order to discuss current events, trends, tools, and offensive/defensive techniques related to web application security.

#2 Phoenix ISSA
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Phoenix ISSA

The next meeting for this group is on the 11th of January and it’s done every quarter. The Information Security industry is growing and changing at an ever increasing rate. According to a recent report from Burning Glass Technologies, demand for information security experts in the US grew 3.5 times faster than demand for other IT jobs—and about 12 times faster than all other jobs—over the past five years. On the global scale, the number of information security professionals is projected to continuously grow more than 11 percent annually over the next five years, according to The 2013 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study. The aim of Phoenix ISSA is to provide you with the education, connections, and experiences to help you succeed.

#3 ISACA Phoenix Chapter
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
ISACA Phoenix Chapter

This chapter is holding a seminar next January 27th which might be of interest to you. The primary purpose of the Chapter is to promote the education of individuals for the improvement and development of their capabilities relating to the auditing of and/or management consulting in the field of Information Systems (IS) audit and control.

#4 Arizona Infragard
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Arizona Infragard

Take part in the annual membership meeting this January 24th Arizona InfraGard is an alliance between the Arizona Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and individuals committed to protecting the nation’s infrastructure and its people. The members, who are representative of all infrastructure sectors, public and private, identify and mitigate physical and cyber threats through information sharing. Arizona – Arizona InfraGard promotes best practices, security awareness and training, community outreach, and the exchange of information between law enforcement and infrastructure owners and operators.

#5 DC602
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix

This is a placeholder site for the Phoenix Hackers Unincorporated group. As the site says, it’s a proof of concept for more structured meetings but we have no clue what happened to it after that. Membership for DC602 is open to all. There is not much information about what this group do but you can visit their website for some news about DEFCON and other news about hacking.

#6 Heatsync Labs
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Heatsync Labs

Started in 2009, this nonprofit workshop hosts public meetings (where all are welcome) every first and third Thursday in Gangplank. HeatSync Labs is Arizona’s first 501(c)3 hackerspace. They are a community workshop that makes workspace, tools, and other resources available to students and hobbyists, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs to build their projects, prototypes, and art. They believe in creating a community of collaboration and learning-by-doing.

#7 Gangplank
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix

This is a free coworking space (at least during weekdays) located in Chandler. Wednesdays are Hacknights for those tinkerers out there. Gangplank is a place for creators. When diverse backgrounds and ideas collide, those moments provide the necessary fuel to innovate. Gangplank provides the infrastructure, both physical and social, for this to happen. They serve as a place for people to explore their creativity, then challenge them to build their ideas into a viable startup – forging a vibrant economy in the process.

#8 CactusCon
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix

CactusCon is the largest annual hacker and security conference in Arizona and this year is expected to attract 800 attendees from throughout the entire country. In just five years, it has established a solid reputation as a top-tier security conference and has quickly become a must-attend learning and networking event.

CactusCon is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and expectations of the InfoSec community. It attracts sought-after industry leaders, offers cutting-edge workshops, and provides ample opportunities for mingling and networking with people who share a passion for information security.

This is definitely one of the better events taking place in Arizona.

#9 SANS Phoenix
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
SANS Phoenix

SANS events offer excellent training by highly experienced cybersecurity professionals. Their training courses have a reputation for being some of the best in the world.

#10 Secure Phoenix
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Secure Phoenix

In this Security Leadership Series event, identify and explore the types of information we have within your reach, how to get more of it, and how to transform it into information that your organization can use to drive risk-based decision making around true and credible threats.

#11 Arizona Digital Government Summit
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Arizona Digital Government Summit

Government Technology’s passion is helping spread best practices and spurring innovation in the public sector. The Arizona Digital Government Summit is designed to do just that. The summit has an advisory board that gathers public sector and private sector leaders to create an agenda designed to make that passion relevant and actionable to the state and local government organizations attending the summit. Participants tell us they use the inspirational keynotes, leadership discussions, networking breaks, and timely topics discussed in the numerous breakout sessions to help advance the goals of their organizations and their own career paths.

Worth noting that we also have More Digital Government Summit events which can be found here.

#12 Cybermed Summit
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Cybermed Summit

Medical technology has never been more promising. It’s also never been more unsecured. Join some of the world’s pre-eminent clinicians, security researchers, health care administrators, medical device manufacturers, and policymakers at a first-of-its-kind event combining clinical simulation, table-top policy discussions, and small group networking all designed to address the emerging challenges of medical device cybersecurity. Hosted by the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix and the Atlantic Council, the CyberMed Summit will bring together critical stakeholders to develop solutions for one of health care’s biggest threats.

#13 Data Connectors Phoenix Tech-Security
Conference Location: USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Data Connectors Phoenix Tech-Security

The Phoenix Cyber Security Conference features several vendor exhibits and there will also be a bunch of IT Security educational speaker sessions discussing current tech-security issues such as cloud security, email and social media security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security, USB drives security & more. It is worth mentioning that these events are valid for CEU.

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