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#1 OWASP Indianapolis Local Chapter
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis
OWASP Indianapolis Local Chapter

The OWASP chapter meetings are free and open to anyone interested in application security. Chapter meetings are usually held quarterly. The OWASP Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in the United Indianas of America. OWASP’s all-volunteer participants produce free, professional quality, open-source documentation, tools, and standards.

#2 Central Indiana ISSA
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis
Central Indiana ISSA

Central Indiana ISSA is a group of seasoned Information Technology Security Professional’s located in and around Indianapolis, IN, the Crossroads of America. They are committed to knowledge sharing, consulting, educating, and improving information security within the Central Indiana region. Monthly meetings are held and they work with other organizations to co-host, sponsor, and participate in security related conferences in the Indianapolis area. Please check their events page for further information on upcoming events.

#3 ISACA Central Indiana Chapter
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis
ISACA Central Indiana Chapter

The aim of the Chapter is to sponsor local educational seminars and workshops, conducts regular chapter meetings, and help to further promote and elevate the visibility of the IS audit, control and security profession throughout the area. ISACA (previously the Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is a world wide association of IS governance professionals. The association currently focuses on assurance, security, and governance and provides globally recognised certification in assurance (Certified Information Systems Auditor), security (Certified Information Security Manager), and governance (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT).

#4 InfraGard Indiana
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis
InfraGard Indiana

A small group that aren’t very busy at the moment. Indiana InfraGard Members Alliance serves as a link between public and private organization, and is a cooperative undertaking between the U.S. Government (FBI) and an association of local businesses, academic institutions, Indiana and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to increasing the safety/security of Indiana and U.S. critical infrastructures.

#5 IN2600
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis

The meeting time is divided about 50/50 between tech talk and general chat. If you have a tech topic you wish to discuss, please feel free to bring it to a meeting, but you will also be welcome if you show up without a topic. If you are involved in technology anywhere beyond a simple user-level, someone is sure to raise a topic you will feel at home discussing. The philosophy and mission of 2600 is to raise awareness about technology and promote the freedom of information. Democracy and a free society can only exist when open discussions about significant factors in our lives can take place without censorship. One of these significant factors is technology, and the more people who understand it, the better off we all are. There are numerous corporations, government departments, and organisations that have attempted to subdue the spread of public knowledge about technology using fear. Examples range from SCO or RIAA lawsuits to the ill-conceived Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

#6 Maker Space Indiana
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis
Maker Space Indiana

A Makerspace is a community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, machining, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialize and collaborate. Cyberia Makerspace is an inclusive community center which promotes individual learning with mentorship, experimentation and creativity. Cyberia Makerspace maintains a wide array of equipment which is made available to members either free or at minimal cost.

#7 CircleIndianapolisCon
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis

CircleIndianapolisCon is about the community. Its signature offering is the community led training classes offered to all participants. Events and contests are organized by members of the security community, including both CircleIndianapolisCon staffers and community partners. Two tracks, incredible entertainment, and technical villages help round out the CircleIndianapolisCom experience. Of course, don’t forget the chance to meet and talk with your peers about all topics including security and hacking.

#8 Data Connectors Indianapolis Tech-Security Information Security Conference
Conference Location: USA, Indiana, Indianapolis
Data Connectors Indianapolis Tech-Security Information Security Conference

Data Connectors is a cyber security career-networking event. Most of the events are valid for CEU/ CPD credits – but we’d encourage you to check first.

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