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#1 Owasp New Jersey Local Chapter
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
Owasp New Jersey Local Chapter

This chapter uses a unified regional event planning website to list events that are happening as a centralized location for events. This also includes discussions groups etc. OWASP operates as a non-profit and is not affiliated with any technology company, which means it is in a unique position to provide impartial, practical information about AppSec to individuals, corporations, universities, government agencies and other organizations worldwide. Operating as a community of like-minded professionals, OWASP issues software tools and knowledge-based documentation on application security. All of its articles, methodologies and technologies are made available free of charge to the public. OWASP maintains roughly 250 local chapters in 110 countries and counts thousands of members.

#2 New Jersey ISSA
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
New Jersey ISSA

The ISSA NJ Chapter serves the needs of information security professionals and practitioners for the Northern and Central NJ regions. The goal of the NJ Chapter is to provide a forum for discussion and education on information security topics by organizing seminars, conferences, round-tables and vendor presentations specifically designed to enhance knowledge and awareness. The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is an international organization providing educational forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skills and professional growth of its members, — information security professionals. The primary goal of ISSA is to promote management practices that will ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality of organizational resources. ISSA is dedicated to being the voice of the information security professional. But to be effective, we need your voice as well.

#3 ISACA New Jersey Chapter
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
ISACA New Jersey Chapter

Its aim is to be an invaluable resource to NJ ISACA members and to sponsor local educational seminars and workshops, conduct efficient chapter meetings, and help to further promote and elevate the visibility of the IS audit, control, risk and security professions throughout the region. One of ISACA’s many strengths has been and will always be its support at the local level through its global Chapter network. The New Jersey ISACA Chapter is one of over 200 chapters worldwide providing a wide range of benefits to its members including education, resource sharing, advocacy, and professional networking.

#4 New Jersey Infragard
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
New Jersey Infragard

InfraGard is a public and private sector alliance whose mission is to share information and protect critical infrastructures. The New Jersey Chapter of InfraGard meets on the third Tuesday of the month, with the exception of a summer hiatus during the months of July and August. Some Chapter meetings are open, which means that non-members are welcome to attend, however some Chapter meetings are closed, or limited to members only. Information regarding the open meetings will be posted to the web site calendar, however, information and specific detail regarding the closed meetings will be disseminated to Chapter membership only via the New Jersey Chapter list serv. Chapter meetings are oriented toward education, awareness and information sharing, and offer presentations by security professionals, member and non-member, government and private. Meetings and other Chapter events also present excellent opportunities to network with other interested parties.

#5 Thebarn
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City

Founded 12 years ago but there’s very little info available on them, not even an official blog. Is an informal volunteer network of such spaces, maintaining community services – including a wiki for everyone who wants to share their hackerspace stories and questions, mailing lists, XMPP services, a blog and a feed aggregator, and many others.

#6 Fubar Labs
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
Fubar Labs

A very close knit and active groups with a lot of small events (i.e. documentary nights) scheduled on a regular basis. Fair Use Building and Research (FUBAR) Labs is New Jersey’s First Hackerspace, established in Highland Park in 2009 and now in New Brunswick since May 2015. FUBAR Labs was formed as a non-profit community based organization with the purpose of bringing makers, hackers, and tinkerers together to collaborate and share ideas and knowledge. We are a community of people with common interests, such as computers, electronics, DIY, software, technology, science, and crafts can meet and collaborate. We are an open community offering classes, workshops, study groups, and long term projects.

#7 E Street Hackers
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
E Street Hackers

Are found at central Jersey Shore and are a newly formed group (still looking for members, in fact) that will soon open their doors to like minded hackers. IXR is the hackerspace for the Jersey Shore, located at the InfoAge Science and History Learning Center. We are an open collective of geeks, artists, and techie-creative-types who come together to share tools, resources, knowledge, and ideas. IXR’s mission is to help lower the barriers to invention, creativity, and innovation – by providing access to resources, equipment, and community – that an individual maker may not have otherwise.

#8 Data Connectors New Jersey Tech-Security Information Security Conference
Conference Location: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
Data Connectors New Jersey Tech-Security Information Security Conference

Data Connectors in a cyber security networking event. Many of their events are valid for CEU credits.

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