List of Cyber Security (IT Security) Hacker Conferences in Dallas, Texas, USA

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Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
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What is this post about?

We take a look at cybersecurity conferences taking place in cities like Dallas in the state of Texas.

Is this pages relating to hacker conferences taking place in Dallas updated?

Yes they are, but not as often as our main directory listing. We base the below listings on popular and repetitive events that take place in Dallas, Texas. Rather than simply listing a bunch of ‘one-off’ events that might never be organized again, most (not all!) of the gatherings mentioned below have been taking place every year. We have also included ISACA, ISSA, OWASP and BSides events that take place in Dallas where possible. To see global BSides specific listings (some include speaker videos and presentations made by IronGeek) click here. Make sure that you don’t miss an event by joining our Texas-specific Texas newsletter! For other cities that we list cyber events and hacker conferences taking place in Texas please click here, or to return to our main global list of IT Security conferences please follow this link. If you would like to add an event to this page and our main listing directory click here.

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OWASP Dallas

Cyber Security Event Title: OWASP Dallas Local Chapter Address: Dallas, Texas Description: This Texan chapter offers regular talks on anything new in security. The OWASP Foundation came online on December 1st 2001 it was established as a not-for-profit charitable organization in the United Texass on April 21, 2004 to ensure the ongoing availability and support for our work at OWASP. OWASP is an international organization and the OWASP Foundation supports OWASP efforts around the world. OWASP is an open community dedicated to enabling organizations to conceive, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain applications that can be trusted. All of the OWASP tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

ISSA Cow Town

Cyber Security Event Title: ISSA Cow Town Address: Dallas, Texas Description: Its quarterly meetings are a great way to network with other security professionals, get education credits through relevant security presentations, and enjoy a free lunch. The primary goal of the ISSA is to promote management practices that will ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources. The ISSA facilitates interaction and education to create a more successful environment for global information systems security and for the professionals involved. Members include practitioners at all levels of the security field in a broad range of industries such as communications, education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, and government.

ISACA North Texas

Cyber Security Event Title: ISACA North Texas Chapter Address: Dallas, Texas Description: Some groups cast an even wider net, like this ISACA chapter that covers the northern part of the Texas. With more than 110,000 constituents in 180 countries, ISACA helps business and IT leaders maximize value and manage risk related to information and technology. Founded in 1969, the nonprofit, independent ISACA is an advocate for professionals involved in information security, assurance, risk management and governance. These professionals rely on ISACA as the trusted source for information and technology knowledge, community, standards and certification. The association, which has 200 chapters worldwide, advances and validates business-critical skills and knowledge through the globally respected Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information Security Manager, Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT and Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control credentials. ISACA also developed and continually updates COBIT®, a business framework that helps enterprises in all industries and geographies govern and manage their information and technology.

AITP Dallas

Cyber Security Event Title: AITP Dallas Address: Dallas, Texas Description: IT professionals gain a lot of networking chops from these groups. You can review the events page or browse the newsroom. Meetings are every 4th Wednesday. aitpDallas is the local DFW community of members of the Association of Information Technology Professionals. The Dallas Chapter holds monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month. aitpDallas provides opportunities for members to share knowledge, enjoy fellowship, enhance their professional skills and stay connected with the ever changing IT industry. aitpDallas is comprised of CIO’s, IT leaders, project managers, developers, technology specialists, business leaders, sales & marketing professionals, and students majoring in IT from local univerisities. It is their goal, purpose to provide a community network for the IT business professionals to reach their true potential by providing education programs for advancing technology and business skills, leadership development opportunities, networking, peer mentoring and knowledge sharing, and online resources.


Cyber Security Event Title: DC214 Address: Dallas, Texas Description: Spawned from the annual DefCon security conference, DC214 is a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology. DC214 is not intended to compete with any other computer group, but rather to provide yet another gathering place. Our meetings will be open to anyone and everyone regardless of their skill, age, job, gender, etc. This is a forum to discuss technology with like minded folks. DC214 is designed to help you learn new things, and if you think you are up for it maybe you can teach us a thing or two.

Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Cyber Security Event Title: Dallas Personal Robotics Group Address: Dallas, Texas Description: Not a infosec group per se, but if you are interested in programming and robotics, this is the group to be part of. Second Saturday meetings are held regularly and there are also other informal meetings. Its mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among amateurs, professionals, and academics interested in robotics and related technologies by holding regular meetings and to assist members in the design and construction of robots through volume discounts on purchases, advice, and access to test equipment and tools not available to most individuals.

Dallas Makerspace

Cyber Security Event Title: Dallas Makerspace Address: Dallas, Texas Description: Be part of this community and enjoy the company of like-minded fellows. Dallas Makerspace is a membership based, not-for-profit, shared community workshop and laboratory, commonly known as a hackerspace. We are an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, creators, and thinkers who work together to collect tools and resources for our membership, many whom could not otherwise afford, store, or use them individually. We use these resources to collaborate on individual and community projects in order to promote science and technology, while working and experimenting on innovative ideas to encourage learning within our community.

APWG eCrime Researchers Summit

Cyber Security Event Title: APWG eCrime Researchers Summit Address: Dallas, Texas Description: This is an event that focuses on the criminal aspect of the digital world. Topics include crimeware, fraud prevention, honeypot design and more. The Anti-Phishing Working Group eCrime Researchers Summit was conceived by APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy in 2006 as a comprehensive venue to present Texas-of-the-art basic and applied research into electronic crime, engaging every aspect of its development (technical, behavioral, social and legal) as well as technologies and techniques for electronic crime detection, related forensics and prevention.

Data Connectors Dallas Tech-Security Information Security Conference

Cyber Security Event Title: Data Connectors Dallas Tech-Security Information Security Conference Address: Dallas, Texas Description: Data Connectors in a cyber security networking event. Many of their events are valid for CEU credits.

Women in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Event Title: Women in Cyber Security Address: Dallas, Texas Description: In spite of the growing demand and tremendous chances in the job market, Cyber Security remains an area where there is lack of skilled professionals nationally, regionally and internationally. Even worse, women’s representation in this male ruled field of security is low. Through the WiCyS community and exercises, the event will help in raising awareness about the significance and nature of Cyber Security profession. We want to generate interest among students to consider Cyber Security as a possible and promising career option.

Dallas Cyber Security Summit

Cyber Security Event Title: Dallas Cyber Security Summit Address: Dallas, Texas Description: The Cyber Security Summit, an exclusive C-Suite conference series, connects senior level executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts. This educational and informational forum will focus on educating attendees on how to best protect highly vulnerable business applications and critical infrastructure. Attendees will have the chance to meet the nation’s leading solution providers and discover the latest products and services for enterprise cyber defense.

IANS Dallas Information Security Forum

Cyber Security Event Title: IANS Dallas Information Security Forum Address: Dallas, Texas Description: IANS’ Information Security Forums bring together experienced IT and information security practitioners for confidential information sharing on the industry’s most important issues, technologies, and trends. The two-day Forums include a series of keynote addresses, technical and strategic roundtable discussions led by IANS’ Faculty, networking events, and the opportunity to learn about new technologies.

SANS Dallas 2016

Cyber Security Event Title: SANS Dallas 2016 Address: Dallas, Texas Description: SANS offer some of the best cyber security training events that you can attend.

SecureWorld Dallas

Cyber Security Event Title: SecureWorld Dallas Address: Dallas, Texas Description: SecureWorld gatherings give bigger resources and facilitate more connections than any other cybersecurity event in North America. 14 regional events prepare and move IT experts on the front lines. Beyond events, SecureWorld Media is a leading source of cybersecurity content which includes breaking industry news, unique articles and research, web meetings, and training courses.

DFW DataConnectors

Cyber Security Event Title: DFW DataConnectors Address: Dallas, Texas Description: Data Connectors in a cyber security networking event. Many of their events are valid for CEU credits.

ISSA International Conference 2016 (Dallas)

Cyber Security Event Title: ISSA International Conference 2016 (Dallas) Address: Dallas, Texas Description: The strength of this peer to peer event is that members can feel free to share experiences, concerns, successes, and feedback in a peer only environment.

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