List of Cyber Security (IT Security) Hacker Conferences in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Summary: In this blog post we will discuss our recommended Cyber Security Conferences in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 5 minute read
Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
Category: US Cybersecurity Conferences, Wisconsin Cybersecurity Conferences

What is this post about?

We take a look at cybersecurity conferences taking place in cities like Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin.

Is this pages relating to hacker conferences taking place in Milwaukee updated?

Yes they are, but not as often as our main directory listing. We base the below listings on popular and repetitive events that take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rather than simply listing a bunch of ‘one-off’ events that might never be organized again, most (not all!) of the gatherings mentioned below have been taking place every year. We have also included ISACA, ISSA, OWASP and BSides events that take place in Milwaukee where possible. To see global BSides specific listings (some include speaker videos and presentations made by IronGeek) click here. Make sure that you don’t miss an event by joining our Wisconsin-specific Wisconsin newsletter! For other cities that we list cyber events and hacker conferences taking place in Wisconsin please click here, or to return to our main global list of IT Security conferences please follow this link. If you would like to add an event to this page and our main listing directory click here.

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OWASP Milwaukee

Cyber Security Event Title: OWASP Milwaukee Local Chapter Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Description: OWASP Foundation is a professional association of global members and is and open to anyone interested in learning more about software security. The OWASP Foundation came online on December 1st 2001 it was established as a not-for-profit charitable organization in the United Wisconsins on April 21, 2004 to ensure the ongoing availability and support for our work at OWASP. OWASP is an international organization and the OWASP Foundation supports OWASP efforts around the world. OWASP is an open community dedicated to enabling organizations to conceive, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain applications that can be trusted. All of the OWASP tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

ISSA Milwaukee

Cyber Security Event Title: ISSA Milwaukee Chapter Address: 16000 W. Cleveland Ave. New Berlin, Wisconsin Description: The ISSA is the largest international, not-for-profit association specifically for security professionals. The primary goal of the ISSA is to promote management practices that will ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources. The ISSA facilitates interaction and education to create a more successful environment for global information systems security and for the professionals involved. Members include practitioners at all levels of the security field in a broad range of industries, such as communications, education, health-care, manufacturing, financial and government. As a member you will join other professionals sharing knowledge on the latest security trends, controls, and regulations while building a social network of your peers. If you are looking for information on how to become a member, please go to our Membership area.

ISACA Kettle Moraine

Cyber Security Event Title: ISACA Kettle Moraine Chapter Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Description: The chapter meets every second Wednesday between September and May and is open to any professional in the Milwaukee area. ISACA is a membership organization dedicated to establishing professional standards and to advancing the technical and professional knowledge and skills of individuals in the interrelated roles of audit, control, governance, security, and assurance of IT and related systems.

DC 414

Cyber Security Event Title: DC 414 Address: 7625 S Howell Ave, Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154 Description: Anarchy Angel leads the pack for this DefCon group. The site hasn’t been updated in a while but you can try to catch them at the 7625 S Howell Ave, Oak Creek every first Friday. Is an informal volunteer network of such spaces, maintaining community services – including a wiki for everyone who wants to share their hackerspace stories and questions, mailing lists, XMPP services, a blog and a feed aggregator, and many others.


Cyber Security Event Title: MilSec Address: 17000 W Capitol Dr, Brookfield, Wisconsin Description: A MilwaukeeSec group that welcomes everyone who works in security, is interested in security or just like to talk (or listen) to security stuff. MilSec is an informal MilwaukeeSec meetup held in Milwaukee every other month. It aims to bring together the local tech community and help promote the events of other area groups.

Milwaukee Maker Space

Cyber Security Event Title: Milwaukee Maker Space Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Description: They are still actively looking for a space to rent and for founding members to help out in starting the group up. Milwaukee Makerspace, at its heart, is a place for people who like to build, invent, tinker and/or learn new skills and expand their minds. We have a wide range of skill sets in our membership and you’re likely to find someone who can talk about most any technical concept with you in a meaningful way.


Cyber Security Event Title: Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Description: CypherCon comprises of two independently ticketed days of hacker conferences that includes astounding Speakers, Drinks, Puzzles, Wireless Capture The Flag, Safe Cracking, Hardware Hacking, Lock Picking, “Bomb” Defusing, Covert Operations and so much more.

Data Connectors Milwaukee Tech-Security Information Security Conference

Cyber Security Event Title: Data Connectors Milwaukee Tech-Security Information Security Conference Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Description: Data Connectors is a cyber security career-networking event. Most of the events are valid for CEU/ CPD credits – but we’d encourage you to check first.

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